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Smoking in Authentic Brick Pits in Austin for 25 years.


Orders may be placed by internet or fax (474-4294) and must be placed 24 hours or more ahead of the scheduled pick-up or delivery time.

There is a delivery charge and arrangements must be made in advance for deliveries. We hope the following will assist you in planning your order. The food items are packaged in aluminum and foam containers, suitable for a casual buffet. The per person cost will vary, depending upon the items selected.

For meat portions, usually we figure 1/3 - 1/2 lb of meat per person. Thus, for 25 people you would order between 8-12 lbs. meat, total (not of each meat), depending upon the appetites of your group.

For side dishes usually figure a total of one gallon per 12 people. This is a total amount of side dishes, not amount for each side dish. Thus, for 25 people, you would order 2 gallons total side dishes. Prices follow. Please look these over, then select the items you wish to order and fill out the order form below.

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The condiments of pickles, onions, sauce and bread are included at no extra cost when you order meats.

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