All Natural Beef Brisket Price Increase

As many of you know, in addition to overall food costs increasing, the cost of beef has drastically increased over the past year (since July 2011).

With the drought of the past two years, ranchers have been selling off their herds resulting in the lowest number of head of cattle in the United States in 39 years. With the lack of local feed and having to truck in expensive hay, the increase in the price of grain (corn, soybeans, etc.), and rising gas prices, maintaining herds of cattle has gotten very expensive for ranchers.

Understandably, these factors combined have resulted in the nearly 28% increase in all natural brisket costs. Ruby’s had been holding the line on increases, but at this time we can no longer ignore the situation and have had to increase prices, particularly on the beef brisket. Fortunately, we have been able to maintain (or even slightly decrease) our prices on chicken, pulled pork and ham.

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